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Corrugated Sheets

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CR Sheets: Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

We offer superior quality cold rolled sheets and strips conforming to highest industry standards. These are available in various specifications to match growing demand and varying needs. Made from highest quality steel, these are superior in performance and the custom built thickness and width combination minimizes wastage at the customers' end. Highest order shape control and consistent flatness is a special feature of our CR sheets and strips.

Our Cold Rolling Complex comprises of Six 4-hi cold rolling mills that can handle thickness of 0.18mm to 2.0mm and a width up to 1000 mm. The total capacity of all these mills together is 100,000 MT/Year. All these mills are supported by HR side slitters, hi -speed continuous pickling line, skin pass mills and stretch leveling facility.

Cold rolled steel is rolled at room temperature and then rolled again below its recrystallization temperature. This process enables better control over finished product shape, thickness, dimensions, and a more consistent finish.

Shah And Modi offers a wide range of cold-rolled materials in various gauges and grades and in-house state-of-the-art processing capabilities. Cold-rolled steel sheets have been further processed and are typically more durable than hot rolled steel sheets.

With extensive mill relationships all around the country, Shah And Modi has the ability to source commonly used grades like:

  • A1008
  • A684
  • A1088
  • A109
  • SAE J2340
  • SAE J403
  • SAE J404
  • CR 1010 (ASTM A366)
  • IS 513
  • Available Width : 1250/1500
  • Available Length : Cut to Length

Cold Rolled Steel & Coil Applications

Cold rolled steel sheets and coils are commonly used for applications in which dimensional tolerances, strength and surface finish quality are critical. Applications that use cold rolled steel products include:

  • Metal Furniture
  • Automobile Components
  • Electronics Hardware
  • Home Appliances and Components
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Construction

Cold-rolled strip is superior to hot strip in terms of surface condition and formability. It also features closer tolerances and is available in smaller thicknesses. Cold-rolled flat products are extremely versatile and come in a host of varieties for a wide range of applications: in the automotive industry, enamelling operations, the manufacture of tubes and tube sections, drums and barrels, or in the construction industry and the sanitary sector.

Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated Sheets