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M.S. Chequered Plate

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M.S. Chequered Plate

Chequered Plates are available from (3mm to 6mm) in either the direction-free riser pattern or the straight striped pattern. These plates are economical to use in flooring and other structural applications.

We deal in wide range of MS Chequered Plates which are known for their quality and durability. We provide various dimensions of chequered plates as per the client’s requirements. These chequered plates are used majorly in industrial flooring for also any sort of anti-skid flooring purposes. These chequered plates have high mechanical strength and High friction plates that ensure maximum skid resistance.

  • Width:1250/1500
  • Length:Cut to Length

  • Sizes:

  • 1250*5000*2mm
  • 1250*5000*2.50mm
  • 1250*5000*3.mm
  • 1250*5000*4.00mm
  • 1250*5000*5.00mm
  • 1250*5000*6.00mm
  • 1250*5000*8.00mm
  • 1250*5000*10.00mm
M.S. Chequered Plate
M.S. Chequered Plate