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MS Sheets: Mild Steel Sheet

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MS Sheets

We are offering MS Sheets, M.S. Sheets and mild steel sheets which are used for structural, mechanical and general engineering purpose. These ms sheets and mild steel sheets confirm to various standards like ANSI, API, MSS, BS, DIN, JIS & IS standards. We can provide these ms sheets and mild steel sheets in different grades, thickness, length and weight as per the requirements of our clients.

  • Grade
  • IS 2062 E 250 GRADE A
    IS 2062 E 250 GRADE B
    A 36

    Metal Sheets :

    We offer an assortment of ms sheets and metal sheets used in diverse industrial applications such as chemicals, sugar mills, distilleries, fertilizers, cement industries, paper industries, pumps, petrochemicals, oil & natural gas organization.

    Mild steel has great ductility and malleability with a low carbon content from 0.05 – 0.30%. It has relatively low versatility however, it is easy to shape and the carburizing process can be used to harden the surface. There are various categories of mild steel that are available in the market and are used for various construction and other engineering related mechanical work.

    Some of these are:

    • MS Angles
    • MS Round
    • MS Channels
    • MS Sheets
    • MS Flats
    • MS Plates

    In this blog, we will be covering the two elements – MS Sheets and MS Plates and talk about their uses.

    • Uses of MS Sheets:

    MS Sheets are excellent quality material that withstands all types of climate and obstructions. It has high rigidity and is manufactured in different length, thickness, weight as per the needs of the customers. Mild steel sheets have high tensile strength and are very effective against corrosion as it has a protective zinc cover when galvanized. It is perfectly suitable for drilling, cutting, and wielding.

    It is widely used for a number of purposes in various industrial applications such as chemicals, fertilizers, distilleries, cement industries, petrochemicals, automotive and more. As compared to other types of steel, they are also relatively cost-effective and more preferred for use.

    MS Sheets
    MS Sheets