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M.S. Channel

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M.S. Channels

A channel is a line structural that carries load primarily in bending. Channels are characterized by their profile (the shape of their cross-section), their length, and their material. One of the most common types of steel beam is the I-beam or wide-flange channel. A visibly sagging channel, though structurally safe, is unsightly and to be avoided. A stiffer beam produces less deflection (degree to which structural element is displaced under a load).

Channel provide economical floor and roof systems in applications requiring long clear spans and lighter weight systems. The major applications are Bridges, Flyovers, Pedestrians Walk Overs and Buildings. MS Channel is widely used in construction projects to provide structural support and stability. It is commonly used in the fabrication of beams, columns, roof trusses, and other load-bearing structures.MS Channel is made from mild steel, which provides sufficient strength and durability for structural applications. It can withstand heavy loads and forces without significant deformation or failure.

Size in mm Weight in kgs. per feet Weight in mtr. per feet
75*40 2.172 7.126
100*50 2.925 9.597
125*65 3.992 13.098
150*75 5.120 16.799
175*75 5.973 19.597
200*75 6.796 22.298
250*80 9.326 30.599
300*90 11.063 36.298
400*100 15.270 50.300
 M.S. Channel
 M.S. Channel