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HR Plate: Hot Rolled Steel Plate

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HR Plates

  • Grade
  • IS 2062 E 250 GRADE A
    IS 2062 E 250 GRADE B
    A 36
  • Width
  • 800 mm - 4000 mm
  • Thickness : 8 mm - 150 mm
  • Length
  • 2440 - 12000mm
  • Shearing (Transverse cutting)
  • - 40 mm thickness Sheared Condition
  • -40 mm thickness Gas cut condition

Packing Generally supplied in loose condition For specific requirement can be done by box strapping on wooden edge

Hot Rolled Plates (HR) STEEL PLATES are best recognized for their amazing alloy properties and it is mainly because the alloy which helps plates to successfully work in any temperature conditions and if the alloy selection is not right it can make the product useless.

Thus, Hot Rolled Plates (HR) alloy is the most ideal choice of alloy because of its excellent mechanical as well as chemical properties.

Such plates are nonferrous plates are much in demand in the engineering application usage as well.

Hot Rolled Plates (HR) STEEL PLATES are structural steel Plates which is also weather resistant.

It is designed with a layer known as a barrier layer which is formed when the Hot Rolled Plates (HR) STEEL PLATES comes in contact with the reducing environment conditions.

In addition to this Hot Rolled Plates (HR) STEEL PLATES also offer Excellent Resistance Properties such as it is corrosion-resistant, pitting and crevice resistant; it is resistant to oxidation, resistant to chloride stress cracking corrosion, etc.

The other strengthening features of these plates includes higher-yielding strength, higher tensile strength, higher mechanical strength, and many more.

As we are one of the leading exporters, traders, wholesalers of this Steel among others in India.

We are playing an extremely Significant role among legendary Distributors of this Grade Steel sheet Plates for the last many years.

The steel plates we supply in various industries are efficient, safe, durable, cost effective.

We provide these steel plates in various industries like Petrochemical Industries, Fertilizers Industries, Nuclear Industries.

With our experience of years we can manage and deliver quality steel at an affordable, best in industry price Here, As per requirment of clients, we always have steel stocks in different design, size and shapes.

The steel plates we sell, are of all National and International Standreds, and delivers to all our National and International clients as per their specifications.

We have steel stocks with the following specifications, dimensions, shape, surface finish, end finish, size, and various others.

As we know, for almost every Industrial Application, steel is always a key element.

So we can not deny the importance of deep knowledge of steel grades and their chemical and mechanical properties this Steel Grade plates are very popular and important steel in various Industry Applications and in all national and internation market.

Many of steel plates are well recongnized for their specific alloy properties, because alloy property helps steel to be constant in any temprature, and if this propery is not in good ratio in the steel plates then the application will be work good any more. This plates has exelent mechanical and chemical properties for many specific importance in multiple Industry applications, and because of this it is always in demand in national and internation industries.

 HR Plate
 HR Plate