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M.S. Beam

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M.S. Beams

A beam is a line structural that carries load primarily in bending. Beams are characterized by their profile (the shape of their cross-section), their length, and their material. One of the most common types of steel beam is the I-beam or wide-flange beam. A visibly sagging beam, though structurally safe, is unsightly and to be avoided. A stiffer beam produces less deflection (degree to which structural element is displaced under a load).

Beam provide economical floor and roof systems in applications requiring long clear spans and lighter weight systems. The major applications are Bridges, Flyovers, Pedestrians Walk Overs and Buildings.

MS Beam are of two types-

  • I-Beam : It is represented by dimensions of Web & Flange
  • H-Beam :Another difference in I-beam & H-Beam is that in I-Beam, size of Web is greater than the size of Flange.

MS I-Beams are used for manufacturing of truck-trailers, EOT cranes and its Gantry, ship building, factory sheds, conveyors, boilers, agricultural equipment, and many more engineering industries.

Wider Flange Parallel Beam or WPB or HE as it often knows are wider sections available in Parallel Flange Beams. These find application in various Heavy Structural Fabrication works across the country and the vast range availability has reduced the need of fabricating the beams in house by the customers. Their high Load bearing capacity and reliability have helped it find its usage in various applications.

Parallel Flange Beams and Column Sections are cost-effective and provide design flexibility. These Parallel Flange Beams & Columns enable complex fabrications in high volumes due to inherent functional advantages of these sections. When used under bending load, steel savings between 10-25% are achieved, as beams of lower sectional weight can be used.

Size in mm Weight in kgs. per feet Weight in mtr. per feet
100*50 2.432 7.979
125*70 4.023 13.199
150*75 4.571 14.997
175*85 5.943 19.499
200*100 7.893 25.897
300*140 11.612 38.009
350*140 14.782 48.500
350*140 16.125 52.906
400*140 19.080 62.601
450*150 22.280 73.100
500*180 26.730 87.700
600*210 37.730 122.600
M.S. Beam
M.S. Beam